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Our unflinching commitment towards elevation of quality of life of the under-privileged in our society is enshrined at the heart of our social existence. We strongly believe that as a company which makes use of natural resources for profit-making activities, it is our responsibility to share a portion of it with those who co-own these resources with us. We are particularly concerned about the following issues that challenge our fellow citizens-

1. Child Education in Rural/Semi-urban areas

2. Skill Development for better employment

3. Health & Public Hygiene

We support the following NGO/Charitable organizations.

Aksharam Charitable Foundation


Aksharam is a project that imparts lessons and training towards ‘Right Living’ for young children in rural and poverty-stricken areas. It works towards bringing bring them into the mainstream of society through various aspects of personality development including education, English training, cleanliness, manners and etiquette, with a special focus on Handwriting Improvement. The objective of the initiative is to instill the right amount of confidence in these children that will drive them to explore the talent within them and work towards achieving their big dream. The organization has already trained more than 25,000 children across South India and we are proud to support their noble initiatives.

To know more about Aksharam Charitable Foundation and support their activities, click here.