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About Us

Today, managing a business is radically different from how it was ten years ago. Markets have diversified and become digitally interconnected. Businesses are going global with widely separated production facilities and markets. Customer expectations have increased tremendously with the surge of  information available to them and maintaining constant availability of all products across the world simultaneously is a new challenge faced by companies.

With South Asian countries like China and India taking center stage as global hubs for production as well as distribution, logistics has gained supreme significance in business today and e-Port is at the heart of the rising logistics sector in India

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e-Port – a Logistics Solution Provider

e-Port is a customer-oriented company that functions primarily to deliver solutions to the client’s needs. Be it a multinational or a small enterprise, e-Port understands and fulfills the logistics requirements as we are flexible enough to handle both complex global requirements as well as other smaller operations. Our ultimate success is in delivering comprehensive, cost effective and professional range of freight forwarding services such as shipping, logistics, transport and warehouse management in a way that pleases our clients and helps them grow.

Our Commitment

Taking up the responsibility of providing world class logistics in the country, e-Port assures safe and dependable transport and logistics solutions. The travel and logistics solution industry can encounter unforeseen obstacles which require creative ideas, knowledge and expertise. We work relentlessly towards transforming ideas into innovative solutions and further providing services that would positively impact the growth of your organization.

Our Advantage

In this highly advanced and competitive race towards the top, e-Port focuses on staying ahead of competition by equipping itself with advanced technology, process consistency, minimizing inventory costs and maximizing the supply chain. Constructed on incredible expertise and experience across a broad range of market sectors, we find passion in providing high quality standards in the market.

Our Team

As one of the leading logistics companies, we deliver unparalleled business and market expertise which provides a competitive edge combined with the economical and logistical advantages. e-Port’s hardworking team guarantees prompt, competent and timely services in order to bring about tangible and long-term profits to our clients. Dwelling on a positive work culture, the team is driven towards delivering the best and making the seemingly impossible tasks possible.

Our Collaborations

e-Port, being known for maintaining good relationships with its clients, has a transparent system that allows clients to check the inventory, initiate instructions and make requests throughout the supply chain process to maximize profits. e-Port has also built an interface that electronically link various various stakeholders to facilitate better communication as well as create an information platform for focused collaboration. These characteristics have placed us at the top of the pyramid, and allowed us to continue increasing the scope of our customer solutions and services in order to provide sustainable success to our clients.

Some more reasons to choose

  • End-to-End solutions
  • Multi-modal transport operators
  • Streamlined, automated processes across operations to improve business efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility of key information allowing more informed decision making
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved financial control

We believe that relationships built on trust, commitment and integrity are essential for high performance standards and prolonged operational success

Meet Our Team

N. Jayasanker


Jayasanker (Sanker) brings with him more than ten years of quality experience in Freight Forwarding, Liner Shipping and Container Freight Station Management. Previously, he has handled several critical responsibilities in both grass-root level as well as leadership roles in various logistics companies across India



Venkiteswaran (Venky) heads the Finance and Administration of e-Port. He is also responsible for consolidating and strengthening the company’s base in South India apart from Sea Freight / Airfreight and ERP responsibilities of the company. He brings with him a strong industrial experience with deep knowledge of logistics in southern India.

S. Neelakantan (Rajesh)


Neelakantan has been in the Indian logistics industry for over a decade and possesses an extremely enterprising career having handled independent responsibilities in different SMEs. His strongly entrepreneurial approach to strategy has played a phenomenal role in the growth of the company over the last few years.

Suresh G. Iyer


Suresh brings with him a versatility in leadership having previously taken up challenging roles in a variety of companies. His stint in the Indian logistics industry spanning more than twelve years has seen him handling some very challenging assignments and building a strong network across the logistics value chain covering all leading cargo centers in India.